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Best Years Ltd - Knitted Pterodactyl Dinosaur Large Plush Toy


Our large yellow pterodactyl knitted dinosaur plush toy is sure to delight the dinosaur mad child in your life. The pterodactyl is not strictly a dinosaur but was in fact a type of flying reptile - part of the pterosaur family. It lived in the same period as the dinosaurs, in the late Jurassic period, so we have decided to add it to our dinosaur family. - and actually many people do think of it as a dinosaur. Pterodactyls would have been approximately the same size as modern birds such as eagles and hawks. if you are looking for unusual kids' birthday gifts, a knitted pterodactyl flying dinosaur will fit the brief! This design is also available as a medium-size toy and as a small baby rattle. This dinosaur soft toy is suitable from birth, machine washable, and ethically sourced. Approximate dimensions: 30cm high x 30cm wide. Please note that sizes are given as a guide only and can vary. Acrylic yarn. Machine washable and suitable from birth. Made in China by our long term and trusted