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Fairy House - How To Make Amazing Fairy Furniture


Fairy House is a fascinating adventure into the making of miniscule kingdoms of the fairytale realm from found objects in nature. This unique how-to book offers a look at “nature as art” in a more sophisticated style than most instructional books. Through more than 200 clear, detailed, full-color photographs and understandable yet whimsical guidance, the reader will learn to fashion intricate, tiny cups from acorn pods and grapevine tendrils, elaborate chairs from bark and moss, dreamlike beds from delicate flowers and leaves and an amazing array of other beautiful and unique pieces that will inspire the reader to find their true artistic ability and imagination. A photo gallery of other stunning pieces provides shared the reader more possibilities to create.

Projects include:

  • Woodland Characters
  • Accessories for the Forest Cottage Garden
  • The Fairy Garden
  • Garden Wishing Well
  • Tower for the Elfin King
  • The Gardener’s Wagon
  • The Gardener’s Potting Shed
  • Fairyland Gazebo
  • The Fairyboat Bed,
  • and more than twenty more!