Lotus Rising Farm - 4 ozFace and Body Butter
Lotus Rising Farm

Lotus Rising Farm - 4 ozFace and Body Butter


Locally Made Face Ingredients: 100% grass fed tallow, avocado oil.

Lotus Rising Farm was born out of the desire to use every part of the
first cow we harvested on our family farm. Tallow has been used for
centuries as an age old skincare remedy. What makes tallow so unique
is it’s biological compatibility as it is almost identical to the oil our own
skin produces, nourishing and healing on a cellular level. Tallow is anti-
inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and non-comedogenic
making it an excellent acne remedy and moisturizer for all skin types.

Some of the many uses for tallow are:

 Deeply moisturizing 
 Anti aging 
 Cracked dry skin
 Eczema 
 Diaper rash and cradle cap
 Fades and prevents stretch marks
 Soothes poison oak itch
 Oil cleansing 
 Cracked sore nipples from nursing 
 Fades scars
 Healing of the perineum after birthing
 Makes the skin more sun tolerant
 Soothes burns
 Soothes insect bites and stings

All of our products are designed to be free of synthetics and allergens
making them safe for the whole family. For a truly natural, deeply
nourishing, skincare line, Lotus Rising Farm’s 100% Grass Fed
Skincare products can’t be beat! www.lotusrisingfarm.com